Sunday, July 08, 2007

Slitheen Airwick

Suddenly Saturdays have become boring.

The week is spent with all the usual thoughts minus one: “What will happen in Doctor Who on Saturday?”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like our lives revolve around Doctor Who, we do have lives out side of this show. But from March to June Doctor Who is a major part of our Saturdays and when it’s gone it’s time for the team to take break. The “Doctor Who Sugar Rush”, as it were, is over for a few months and we can all focus our attention on some of the things we’ve been neglecting just a bit.

With that said, Christian is taking a much deserved break. He has to focus on tearing down the equipment for his zany time experiments he’s been tinkering with in his back yard for the past few months, as we’ve discovered that our Toy Dalek infestation has gotten worse. It would seem that they use this equipment to travel back to the sixties and recruited some of the original Dalek toys to join in an attack sometime in the coming week.

We’re watching our backs!

Anthony is a bit tied up with real Doctor Who work (Sorry Christian, but he gets paid!). Apparently the real Doctor has him designing new desktop wallpapers for his TARDIS scanner.

And me? Well I’m here writing this. That and I have the fun job of teaching Gerald (our Slitheen butler) why it’s so important not to under order the air freshener.
Kasterberous Towers is empty for a week or so. It’s just me and Gerald. But the Forum is still in full swing, Doctor may be off the air, but the fever never stops. Donna is back. Kylie really is a part of Who lore and Dennis Hopper may or may not be part of it as well. What do you think?

Suddenly Saturdays aren’t so boring anymore.

Brian A. Terranova

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