Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who Are You?

In the name of open debate, honest opinion and comment, Kasterborous has maintained a stance since Series 1 of New Who that while the new material is good (let’s face it, the lead performers always do a good job), some of it isn’t quite what a Doctor Who fan or even a generic television fan would expect from the show.

Naturally, I’m talking about the treatment of historical figures (Rose being cheeky to the most powerful woman on Earth), oral copulation with paving stones, the 2012 Olympics and nonsense that was New Earth.

These however are my opinions, and my opinions only – other fans have differing views on Series 1 and Series 2 and how they feel about them in relation to the “classic series” (the BBC’s own divisive term).

Let’s face it; Doctor Who in all of its forms is the best thing ever. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a fan who likes all 43-and-a-bit years of it. The great thing about being a Doctor Who fan is that the show changes, fans change, and not liking all of it is alright - it is not a problem!

So feel free to join the debate in the Kasterborous Forum and offer your thoughts on the best and the worst of Doctor Who’s TV episodes, and remember that although the new series is good, and it’s back soon, the Doctor Who Police don’t operate in these parts…

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nurse Trumps

I’m feeling a bit off at the mo, so I’ve been taking it easy with updating the news and stuff while it’s quiet. In fact it’s more than “off” more “poorlyillandsick”, and as such I reckon I need a nurse.

Such medical phrasing naturally got me thinking about Doctor Who, and the Doctor’s various companions – which of them would be my ideal nurse at the moment?

So hold onto your hats (and suspend any concept of sexism for a few moments) for the 2007 Doctor Who Sexy Nurse list…

10. Lovely Liz Shaw would be acting slightly below her training, but with such nice legs it would be a crime not to see her in a nurses uniform.
9. Similarly, there’s something very nursey about brainbox Zoe. The way that shiny catsuit clings to her would send any redblooded male into a quick recovery.
. Sarah Jane Smith would in most of my lists be #1 or #2. Here, however, I reckon her nursing skills would be pretty poor in comparison to some of the other girls, although I’m certainly not adverse to the site of her in a white apron – although she’d more likely be baking cakes.
7. Rose might look great in a nurses’ uniform but I don’t suppose her bedside manner would be that much to write home about.
6. Dr Grace Holloway would wear a nurses’ outfit for me. FACT.
5. Romana II with her hair up in that little nurses hat, taking your temperature. It works, doesn’t it…?
4. I’m not against a bit of exercise to help feeling better, and who else to give me a push in the right direction but enthusiastic nurse Mel Bush?
3. Jo Grant was an excellent nursemaid in The Daemons so one is left to imagine her in a nurses outfit.
2. Romana I was rarely seen out of a sophisticated outfit but I’m certain she could do more than a little justice to a blue minidress with those legs.
1. Peri has the best all round assets for any fantasy nurse – looks, legs and, um, curves in the right place. I don’t know how she is at a bed bath, but as a botany student she knows all about handling wood.

Or stalks.

You make your own punchline...