Sunday, August 27, 2006

Torchwood Lit

Torchwood Image
We're just weeks away from a historical moment in the Doctor Who universe - a moment that sees Torchwood, the first full series spin-off airing on BBC3.

It could of course have been so different; forget Rose Tyler: Earth Defender and Sarah Jane Smith Investigates and the like - there was much talk 30-odd years ago of a UNIT spin-off, featuring the Brigadier and his men battling alien incursions without the help of the Doctor...

While a massively attractive idea, it sadly never materialised. but it was a concept of its time, one which is still fondly thought of by Doctor Who fans and isn't a milion miles from the concept of Torchwood. The world is a different place in 2006 - while we've seen UNIT as a secret ogranisation once more in The Christmas Invasion, we've seen that Torchwood is even moreso thanks to the same adventure and the conclusion of Series 2.

So what has this got to do with Kasterborous? Well, seeing as we like you all so much, expect some coverage of Torchwood over the next few weeks as we get closer to the October launch.

But also expect some UNIT coverage too over the next few months as we celebrate the release of the 1970 classic Inferno on DVD with a series of articles about the story which will build up to our interview with Sergeant Benton himself, actor John Levene!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Don't Forget...

Look out for the new series from the producers of Doctor Who!

“I’m a Slitheen, Get Me Out Of Here!” features those loveable Raxicoricartoonfartingpatorians trapped in a jungle on the planet Florana as they attempt to outwit, outsmart and basically survive in the face of a Dalek onslaught!

With the Dalek Supreme controlling the challenges from the safety of his treehouse, and the Special Weapons Daleks manning the escape routes, the Slitheen have a 40 square mile area to cross and survive in a 1 week period.

Coming face to face with the Daleks will certainly give the ropey green giants something to fart about – and don’t forget, you can pick up a special Slitheen Fart Generator toy in special issues of Kasterborous.

Executive Producer of “I’m a Slitheen, Get Me out Of Here!” is Rusty Lee Davidson, who is looking forward to seeing the challenges the Slitheen will face unfold on screen.

“You couldn’t have planned it any better! When the Slitheen told me they wanted to take part in the show I thought ‘Fantastic!’, and then all of a sudden the original concept – of Billie Piper and John Barrowman dancing on ice on the edge of a pulsar – went out of the window when the Dalek Supreme declared his interest.”

Meanwhile, that woman with the glasses is optimistic about the Slitheen’s chances… “Oh I think they can do it. They’re so wonderfully green you know, just like jungle, and well, you know they can outsmart the Daleks, I’m sure, boyo.”

Don’t forget to tune in also to “I’m a Slitheen, Get Me Out Of Here! - Unplugged” the new companion show on BBC3 which features various Doctor Who monsters singing in front of a studio audience with the threat of electrocution if they fail to make the grade. Featuring such highlights as the Mara singing “You Were Always On My Mind”, and the Eighth Doctor with “Long Haired Lover From Liverpool”, “I’m a Slitheen, Get Me Out Of Here! - Unplugged” is guaranteed to be a riot!

“It’s Marvellous!” says Rusty Lee Davidson – and who dare argue?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Too Much Spin

In this day and age it might well be normal to cash in on the success of a show like doctor who - after all we've had toys since the 1970s, books and films starring the Daleks. But in light of news that a new has been devised starring Lis Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, as well as Torchwood, one has to wonder firstly where the money is coming from and secondly where it is going...
The process of making television shows in the UK these days is pretty similar to the rest of the world. Shows like Doctor Who are put in a budget banding, and it’s interesting to note that “Silent Witness” has similar money spent on it as doctor who. While this negates the argument that if the BBC has money for two spin offs then they have money for more Doctor Who, it allows other questions to be asked.
For instance, while torchwood looks good on paper, following the recent issues with the camera equipment, is it going to look as good on screen?
If there is a demand for a third Doctor Who spin-off series, then why is it one starring Sarah Jane Smith? Now regular readers will know how much I love Sarah Jane, but a spin off show called "Sarah Jane Smith Investigates" sounds as though it will be picking up where "K9 and Company" left off. And when we have Daleks trundling around exhibitions season after season - a group who have waited 40 years for their own spin off series - without a sniff of even a CGI adventure show... Well there's something very, very wrong.
And its interesting that these snippets of information should all come to light as the BBC Wales Doctor Who team moves into its new "Camelot" multi-million pound studio.

Is this to be some sort of albatross around RTD’s and Julie Gardner’s necks...?