Monday, March 26, 2007


The world is changing. There's no two ways about that. But then that's what it has always done. We just hope it's for the best and try to put our best foot forward to help nudge it that way.

Change, as they say, is a constant part of life. Everything changes, from people, to the weather, to technology. Just a few short years ago the idea that I would be running a Doctor Who website with two friends from the UK would have been the furthest thing from my mind. But as time moves on and things change, the world gets smaller.

Computers are getting smarter everyday, and people are finding more fun and entertaining things to do on computer every minute. Websites used to just be text that you needed a PHD to be able to read, then they got pictures, then style, they audio, then video, live feed and the list goes on!

They even give things fancy names like "Pod Casts." And this is where we will stop for a moment. Christian and I decided some time ago to do our very own Pod Cast, but the road would be a long one. Why? Because I am a bit lazy sometimes, but then that's why Christian is the head editor on the site. He never lets me be lazy for too long.

With that, we did it. We made our first podKast (with a K) and it's right here for your listening pleasure. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ever changing world with us.

By Brian A. Terranova
Christian Cawley is Away

Monday, March 12, 2007

Other Projects

So there was this artist guy who walked into a chat forum, set up a website and a few months later was producing artwork for a major DVD release. Meanwhile his collaborator – some say a master of the written word, but such a proclamation is in the eye of the reader – carried on regardless with a set of his own plans to work on.

Beavering away on his own, stopping only to issue news updates, write interesting features and hammer down a format for the podKast (grrrr), the aforementioned literary guru worked every day and night on his new website while the artist attended gala luncheons and DVD signing events and conventions (well the last one is true…).

Until eventually, there was an actual shaft of light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, from the vacuous recesses of the writer’s vast mind grew an idea… a concept… a state of being, almost. Quintessential Comedy was born!

“Ha!” Cried the writer triumphantly, “He thinks he can outsmart me with his vector lines and cheeky-chappy Scouse wit?! Think again – for I will collect before me the ultimate British Comedy tribute site! A bit like Kasterborous in content – but about British Comedy, even perhaps going as far back as Shakespeare himself!”

Of course people shunned the writer in the street for talking to himself, but the cast was die! (See what I did there?) So it came to pass that while Mr Anthony Dry impressed with his Doctor Who eyecandy (, unbelievers!) Christian Cawley begat!

In its first week it promised original features, reviews and comment on the work of Monty Python – surely too much for one man to cope with…?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bring it on Home

By my reckoning, at the time of writing there are 27 days to Series 3. And I'm sick of waiting.

I wasn't overly impressed with The Runaway Bride but then it seems the series producers have a different idea to what a Christmas Doctor Who adventure should be than I do. Which is fine as they're being paid for it and I'm not, so I should stop worrying about it.

The largely spoiler-free world in which we seem to be living at the moment is pretty neat, and I'm high on expectation for Series 3. With a new companion who will hopefully be a little less intense than the last, I can see myself preferring Martha Jones considerably over Rose Tyler (and I have had a crush on Billie Piper for a while now).

Captain Jack's return should be fun too, while the guest casting seems to have stepped up a notch from Series 2. No more hairdressers - HURRAH!

So, come on BBC, don't keep us waiting. March 31st is simply too far away, so at the very least you could start giving us radio promos or even the odd radio documentary!

On the plus side however, at least Life on Mars is on for another 5 weeks...