Monday, March 05, 2007

Bring it on Home

By my reckoning, at the time of writing there are 27 days to Series 3. And I'm sick of waiting.

I wasn't overly impressed with The Runaway Bride but then it seems the series producers have a different idea to what a Christmas Doctor Who adventure should be than I do. Which is fine as they're being paid for it and I'm not, so I should stop worrying about it.

The largely spoiler-free world in which we seem to be living at the moment is pretty neat, and I'm high on expectation for Series 3. With a new companion who will hopefully be a little less intense than the last, I can see myself preferring Martha Jones considerably over Rose Tyler (and I have had a crush on Billie Piper for a while now).

Captain Jack's return should be fun too, while the guest casting seems to have stepped up a notch from Series 2. No more hairdressers - HURRAH!

So, come on BBC, don't keep us waiting. March 31st is simply too far away, so at the very least you could start giving us radio promos or even the odd radio documentary!

On the plus side however, at least Life on Mars is on for another 5 weeks...

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