Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pre-Bake Mix

It seems that the Doctor Who team has found their footing. The 45 minutes time frame seems to be enough to get a full story crammed into and most people can only praise the show lately.

This isn't to say that the past two years were bad, I could never say that, but I can they could have been better. This is true of most anything. Everything takes time to get it right.

You start a TV series up again after 16 year and there's bound to be some bump. You start a website devoted to the same show, new and old, and you'll hit the same bumps. In many ways it is our survival instinct that drives us to press on through all the negative responses and it seems that the new series persistence is paying off.

I like to think that we at Kasterborous have hit our bumps some time ago. Don't get me wrong, there are always ways to improve things and with those improvements come more ways to be criticized. With that Christian and I have made our second podKast (with a "K") and as much fun as they are to make, it is, in a way, just like learning how to walk again.

Kasterborous has walked into the next phase of online fan sites. To us it's a strong start, much the same way the Who production team must have felt during series one and who can blame them. But as we all know there are just as many critics as there are fans.

I never understood before why Russell T. Davies said – and I paraphrase - as long as he was happy with the show then he did something right, until now. With all those people to please, you just do your best for you and hope that others will get to share in the enjoyment process.

Now as I said, Christian and I have a new podKast up for our and your enjoyment, so listen, have fun and feel free to let us know when we reach our "Third Series perfect mix."

By Brian A. Terranova

Christian Cawley is Absurd

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Doctor Who is Back!

I remember way back in 1996 when we heard that said and it was like a dream come true. Even though it was only one movie it was still a brilliant time to be a Who fan.

Then in 2005 we heard it again. The feeling was much the same. Fans everywhere flocked to the Internet and started speculating and mouthing off as they do about this and that and loving every minute of it.

Nowadays it seems like a common phrase "Doctor Who is back!" yet, unlike a common phrase, it still brings the same grin to all of our faces. We still have the same conversations about this and that and the energy of the show is as strong as the day it captivated our hearts.

Saturday the 31 of March, Doctor Who was Back. Again. It was brilliant and it got us thinking about all the wonderful things to come.

We were also introduced to a new friend, Martha Jones, who gets to discover what we love so much about this show as she sees all the wonders time and space has to offer.

Martha Jones may be the second full time Companion of the new series, which will be a huge thing for new fans, but really she is just another wonderful character in the shows long history for us to get to know and care about. Something that used to happen more often all those years ago when they could say that common phrase at each new season, "Doctor Who is Back!"

By Brian A. Terranova

Christian Cawley is Asleep