Monday, March 12, 2007

Other Projects

So there was this artist guy who walked into a chat forum, set up a website and a few months later was producing artwork for a major DVD release. Meanwhile his collaborator – some say a master of the written word, but such a proclamation is in the eye of the reader – carried on regardless with a set of his own plans to work on.

Beavering away on his own, stopping only to issue news updates, write interesting features and hammer down a format for the podKast (grrrr), the aforementioned literary guru worked every day and night on his new website while the artist attended gala luncheons and DVD signing events and conventions (well the last one is true…).

Until eventually, there was an actual shaft of light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, from the vacuous recesses of the writer’s vast mind grew an idea… a concept… a state of being, almost. Quintessential Comedy was born!

“Ha!” Cried the writer triumphantly, “He thinks he can outsmart me with his vector lines and cheeky-chappy Scouse wit?! Think again – for I will collect before me the ultimate British Comedy tribute site! A bit like Kasterborous in content – but about British Comedy, even perhaps going as far back as Shakespeare himself!”

Of course people shunned the writer in the street for talking to himself, but the cast was die! (See what I did there?) So it came to pass that while Mr Anthony Dry impressed with his Doctor Who eyecandy (, unbelievers!) Christian Cawley begat!

In its first week it promised original features, reviews and comment on the work of Monty Python – surely too much for one man to cope with…?

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