Sunday, August 27, 2006

Torchwood Lit

Torchwood Image
We're just weeks away from a historical moment in the Doctor Who universe - a moment that sees Torchwood, the first full series spin-off airing on BBC3.

It could of course have been so different; forget Rose Tyler: Earth Defender and Sarah Jane Smith Investigates and the like - there was much talk 30-odd years ago of a UNIT spin-off, featuring the Brigadier and his men battling alien incursions without the help of the Doctor...

While a massively attractive idea, it sadly never materialised. but it was a concept of its time, one which is still fondly thought of by Doctor Who fans and isn't a milion miles from the concept of Torchwood. The world is a different place in 2006 - while we've seen UNIT as a secret ogranisation once more in The Christmas Invasion, we've seen that Torchwood is even moreso thanks to the same adventure and the conclusion of Series 2.

So what has this got to do with Kasterborous? Well, seeing as we like you all so much, expect some coverage of Torchwood over the next few weeks as we get closer to the October launch.

But also expect some UNIT coverage too over the next few months as we celebrate the release of the 1970 classic Inferno on DVD with a series of articles about the story which will build up to our interview with Sergeant Benton himself, actor John Levene!




Andrew Glazebrook said...

Did you get a job as a soldier down at Redcar these past few weeks that they were filming that war movie ?

Christian-Mark Cawley said...

Sadly I was working - else I would have been down there!

Graham Hesketh & Fiona Mont said...

Torchwood was painful to watch. I have been more entertained by big cook little cook.
Rating 0 out of TEN. Not even Billie Piper could save this load of rubbish.
Mind you I loved the first 2 series of Dr Who.

Graham Hesketh & Fiona Mont said...

What age group is the programme aimed at?

12 year olds?