Sunday, July 01, 2007

Good Luck In Your Exams

And as swiftly as I was arrested, I was released.

I can barely remember it, in fact, it went so quickly, almost as if it had never happened at all.

So Mr Saxon is no more, shot by his bonkers wife we’re told, who no doubt planned the whole think from the start. And sadly the US President really was on board the cloudbase or whatever that white elephant was really called.

So that’s it for another year – Doctor Who is over and leaves us hanging on for more. It also leaves us chatting in quite bewildered tones, too, for the first time since Love & Monsters. I for one wasn’t really expecting a Doctor-lite episode for the Finale, but it was of course executed in the most astonishing way. Conversation on this matter continues in our ever-expanding Forum, where registration is required to view.

With no Doctor Who to keep us occupied until Christmas, newcomers might think we’ve got nothing else to talk about. Oh how wrong can you be! A break in the series once more affords opportunities to expand the fanfic section and knuckle down to what Kasterborous does best – providing you with interesting, thought-provoking discussion pieces on anything and everything from the past 44 years of Doctor Who. We might even give you one or two more podKasts, too...

I’m just finishing off the plans for the next 6 months, which should take us onto Christmas, stopping by Sarah Jane Adventures on the way. Torchwood is due to return in the New Year, no doubt leading us up to Doctor Who Series 4.

While we’re on the subject – well done Martha Jones! You saved us all and we don’t even know it, and you were strong enough to stop travelling with old blind-as-a-bat.

Good luck in your exams.

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