Monday, July 16, 2007

Dear Diary...

This is the second Saturday without Doctor Who. I feel cold, so very cold. I can still hear the TARDIS engines wheezing as it leaves me behind. I know it is a space time machine, but I fancy myself a bit of a clairvoyant and I know it won’t be back until December 25, of 2007. But what am I to do until then?

Kasterborous Towers is still in full bloom. Writers writing away while happy thoughts of companions old and new dance in their heads. (But Christian just reminded me that this is a clean site so we’ll move on from those thoughts.)

Anthony has got the gang to head out to the Kasterborous grounds for a round of Football, so we’re all gearing up for that and it should help take our minds off of the void that Doctor Who left. But still I sit here looking at my rather blank and dull TV screen wondering what it is about this show that has us so captivated that we miss it like a long lost friend when it’s gone.

And then it hits me. It is like a long lost friend. It’s always there to cheer us up or entertain us when we need it. Even now we have 40 odd years of it to enjoy and in many ways catch up with.

Sure it’s not on the TV right now, but it is in a book, a comic strip, an audio, or even a DVD.

Suddenly I feel warm again. No not with happy thoughts, I just stepped outside and Ant must be mad to have us play football on a day like today! Still the gangs all here and we need to be entertained. But don’t worry Doctor Who, we’ll be there for you when you need us.

See you Soon.

Brian Terranova

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