Sunday, April 06, 2008

Welcome Back Doctor Who!

It took us in a wonderful direction with an early curveball, but despite the light hearted tone of Partners in Crime Doctor Who is back for 2008.

I enjoyed watching Tate and Tennant on Jonathon Ross last Friday, and it did seem as though they would make a good team, watching them sat together - and thankfully this feeling was proved right on Saturday evening.

The episode might well go on to be remembered for something else entirely, but that doesn't matter - it brought the Doctor and Donna back together well, and Catherine Tate has certainly (so far) proved this viewer wrong.

Forum Tweaking

Just a brief note to let you all know that you may find the forum closed from time to time over he next few days as we run some upgrades and tweaks.

If you do see it is down, try back an hour later as it won't be unavailable for any more than 1 hour at any time.

You'll soon see the benefits...

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