Tuesday, April 01, 2008


With theories of returning foes and companions hitting us left, right and centre, it's reassuring to have the feeling that something else is going on.

What is it? Well, I have my suspicions, but then I've been wrong since Doctor Who returned.

The thing is, if you look around and see exactly how, much promotion is taking place this year, and compare it with the previous two, well it's not up to par, is it?

Doctor Who now generates its own interest, plus with a season of Torchwood ending the night before, the adventures of the Doctor and his friend Donna get a helping hand by their fictional universe just being there for anyone to dip into before the ride begins.

I don't think we'll be quite ready for what happens in the new series, but I'm confident it's going to be fun all the way.

One More Thing

Massive thanks to Simon R. Mills of Kopics Doctor Who News Service who is running a semi-regular news round up for us during the opening weeks of this 30th season of Doctor Who.

He's doing such a good job, I might even ask him to stay on...


Kopic said...

If I do stay on, I'll be wanting my own suite of offices in the dungeon of Kasterborous Towers (with a key) and my own parking space. :-)

Christian-Mark Cawley said...

You can have a swipe card and parking space for one moped, OK?