Friday, April 11, 2008


Dare I say it?

I'm going to miss Doctor Who tomorrow.

Family day out takes precedence under the circumstances, and you know what? It's fine.

I don't actually need to watch it when everyone else watches it. I can watch it when I like.

There are of course the illegal options - someone somewhere will have saved the episode onto their PC and have it available via torrent by 9pm.

Following that, I would in theory be able to view it on my PC, PSP, or mobile phone.

Legally, I could watch The Fires of Pompeii on my PC via BBC iPlayer. Using the same system I could also view it on my Apple computer, iPhone or Nintendo Wii.

So despite a trip out of town, I won't miss Doctor Who - and that's something we should all remember. Sure, we can engage in that warm feeling of togetherness while watching it at 6.45pm, and that's certainly my preference. But I won't mind just this week letting my family take first place.

It will be the first episode of Doctor Who I haven't watched on broadcast since 1989.

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