Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to Who

Wow. What an age – 43. So much has happened in the world since Doctor Who began – a world that was a very different place just a day before. The assassination of President Kennedy, so often tied by us fans to the history of Doctor Who was a moment of global relevance, whose shockwaves continue to affect us to this very day – this is where the conspiracy theory was born. I would, however, urge you to continue your research on that particular matter elsewhere.

I’ve had a look for other people who are 43 this month, just to see how they have contributed to the world. Astonishingly Cherokee cherub Tori Amos is 43, having celebrated her birthday in August, while actor Rupert Graves celebrated his birthday in June as did Helen Hunt. But all entertainment, not really earth shattering, are they? How about Garry Kasparov, the chess player? Or Abu Faraj al-Libbi, allegedly third in command of al-Qaeda? Graham Norton, however, is now forever linked to Doctor Who due to a certain technical balls-up during the premier of Rose, and one-trick pony director Quentin Tarantino is also 43. Martin Bashir too may get a mention in the footnotes of history, but save for countless rock musicians, actors and policians, no other significant birthdays or events celebrate 43rd anniversaries in 2006. So a very happy birthday to one of the most significant events of 1963 – Doctor Who!

What is most astonishing about Doctor Who being 43 is that I’m 31 in December. That means Doctor Who was just 12 when I was born. Yet I’m still so enthusiastic about the show, whether I’m up or down, whether the show itself is up or down. And it’s nearly Christmas, which means we’re in for a new adventure in just 30 odd days…

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