Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Countdown

Can you feel it? It’s coming, and the Doctor is coming with it – it’s Christmas 2006 and the adventure is continuing! It’s hard to step back and consider what is going on sometimes, so let’s just have a quick recap of the last 3 years.

September 2003 – The BBC announces a new series of Doctor Who. Doctor Who fans around the world fall over as they are simultaneously attacked with feathers.

March 2004 – The BBC cast Christopher Eccleston as the new Doctor amongst rumours of Paul Daniels, David Jason, Richard E Grant and some bloke called McGann. The world sites up and takes note for a day or so.

June 2004 – Billie Piper is cast as the Doctor’s new assistant. People scratch their heads a lot.

March 2005 – Doctor Who is back. Everyone falls over as it is rather good. Several species of giant birds become extinct as their feathers have become quite useful.

And of course since then we’ve had announcements of new series, Christmas episodes, spinoffs and new websites. And revamped websites (hello OG!) and blogs and new magazines and toys, lots and lots of toys. And people cashing in, like those clever individuals who purchased Cyberman voice change helmets at retail price six months ago and are now selling them at 200% on eBay.

It’s been a funny few years, with lots of new people appearing in our lives, the British television industry becoming re-energised and an obsessive desire developing in yours truly to make sure that while the Kasterborous News section might not feature "breaking news", "as it happens news" or "exclusive news" (often…), it remains interesting, objective, occasionally controversial but most importantly relevant, as well as providing a voice for the little people.

This site has become a monster. And I am it’s creator… Igor! Igor, I need an image – and quick about it man…

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