Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spiders from Mars?

Excellent news – the latest Doctor Who rumour from The Scum claims that Thin White Duke and supermodel husband David Bowie is being lined up to play a villain in Series 4.


Will he be playing an alien prince who steals Agatha Christie?


Is it even true?


And how seriously should we take rumours printed in a “news”paper as ridiculous as The Sun?  Should we even bother repeating them, let alone believing them?


We all seem to want something newsworthy where Doctor Who is concerned, more information in order to attempt to satiate our information lust. This way, every topic can be pulled, twisted, turned inside out, and thoroughly digested and discussed.


I wonder where this leaves our descendants, knowing that we were fed on a diet of misinformation?  Will they know – will they even care?


And will they be watching lost episodes of Doctor Who starring David Bowie?


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