Friday, August 17, 2007

Farewell WhoCentral...

There seems to be loads more Doctor Who websites around these days, but the departure from the web of Is a sad one.

Whocentral was one of the fledgling Kasterborous' reference points back in 2005, being as it was the only source of interesting, well written opinion pieces and articles.

Updates had been fantastically rare in the meantime, however, and even an offer from Ksterborous to republish and link back to the originals was met with wall of silence.

So farewell WhoCentral. You may have gone largely unnoticed, but Kasterborous will always remember you.

Who knows, they might come back one day...

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Ashton Lamont said...

Sad to see it go....always loved the feedback i got for my cheapseats column!.....but you can find my culty based stuff over at:
if you're ever passing!