Wednesday, April 05, 2006


In a slight change from the regular programming, I’m going to be a good communicative chap and discuss Kasterborous’ news and article submissions policy. There are now a lot more of you reading this, so I hope to underline a few key points that should make things a lot clearer in the general scheme of things.


We have a mostly open policy on article submissions. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming up with new ideas and angles, and Brian A Terranova has written some wonderfully witty stuff (such as The Krau Timmin Interview). But new blood is always appreciated, so if you have an idea or concept for an article that you would like to write, or even if you would just like to suggest something Whovian for us to tackle, feel more than welcome to get in touch. Due to spamming issues, that will have to be via the Forum for the foreseeable future, but we should have a nice new email account sorted soonish.

Remember, an article on Kasterborous won’t make you famous. It won’t pay you any bills. But it will be accompanied by the artwork of one of our wonderful artistic contributors, and that’s what makes us a bit different, not just in online Who fandom, but on the WWW as a whole.


I’ll be frank. News submissions are rare. Unless we’ve had a press release sent by one of the magazines (the Doctor Who Adventures news being a case in point), then news has come from one of the following sources:

  • unitnews
  • Eye of Horus
  • Outpost Gallifrey
  • Kopic’s Doctor Who News (a great aggregation of Doctor Who-related RSS feeds)
  • emails from various bodies and organisations
  • Regularly checked news reports from The Sun, The Mirror, The Times, The Guardian, The Observer,, The Independent,, BBC Press Office, Digital Spy
  • Google News
  • Regular contributor Christopher Durie
  • Google News RSS Feeds
  • Some RSS sources of my own that are broadcast-related
  • Under no circumstances, however, would Kasterborous use news from other sources uncredited, nor have we ever intentionally done so. If you do happen to spot an error, however, do let us know.

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