Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Earnest Who?

So finally the countdown begins in earnest! This evening sees the Press Launch of the 2006 series of Doctor Who in Cardiff – and about bloody time!

I’ve been moaning dear Ceri’s socks off since Boxing Day about when the next episode of Doctor Who is actually going to be on. Even during my “Who Hols” I was jotting question marks on post it notes and leaving them in strange places like the teapot, the alarm clock, the bottle bank and Rotherham.

Thankfully, it seems as though the nightmare is about to cease for 3 months or so, as David Tennant returns as the Tenth Doctor on (probably…) Saturday April 15th 2006.

Get ready for the trailers! Gasp at the posters! Hold on tight for another trip of a lifetime! Expect yet another catchy tag line!

Of course, it’s not all good news. I mean yes, it’s great and everything, but it’s not wonderful. Ok it is wonderful, but it comes at a cost…

Sleepless nights, drinking binges, over eating – all things I’m not going to have over the next three months. So missing out on the first one isn’t such a bad thing, but – as any of the Doctor Who web-meisters will agree – there’s a lot of work to stay on top of between now and July. Press releases, reviews, endless news items, image formatting, the list goes on.

You might find we’re a wee bit late with some news, but as ever we’ll present it with (almost) total irreverence…

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