Thursday, March 23, 2006

Can it get any worse than this? The waiting is unbearable!

Still, I have at least got my collection of BBC books to keep me going, with continued adventures of the Ninth Doctor and Rose, and later Captain Jack keeping my Who fix just about ticking over.

I did the right thing, I feel, having a break from the old fella a couple of months back. Hopefully this shows in my writing in this blog, in the Kasterborous Forum and in the new series of articles on the wonderful Caves of Androzani. If you haven’t already clicked the link to see why I believe Doctor Who would never reach the heights of Androzani for around 21 years, then please click it now.

It’s articles like this that are at t he heart of Kasterborous. As suggested last time, we wanted to do something different. A quick look around the web at Doctor Who websites shows a big bunch that are similar, based on a certain long-running other site, or just plain dull. The key Who sites are those that have made an effort to be different, and we count ourselves in that number. After all, where else could you find an account of Krau Timmin’s rise to CEO of the Sirius Conglomerate?

And if that’s the sort of variety of content you’re looking for, then don’t forget to come back in future. And if you like a Doctor Who-related laugh, I sincerely hope you’ve checked the current issue of Black Scrolls, which also features a wealth of articles on the wonderful Caves of Androzani, including interviews with Maurice Roeves (Stotz) and John Normington (Morgus)

If you haven’t seen Androzani, trust us. It really is that good!

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