Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Who Zone

Well, that was really nice!

A few days in the Algarve, and your editor is fully refreshed and raring to go for another few months into and beyond Christmas.

A very massive thanks to Mr Simon Mills for his Kopic's Newsround news updates to keep the candle burning in my absence, and to Anthony Dry for keeping the ship afloat.

Also, thanks very much to all of our visitors over the past few weeks, who have confirmed that there's more to Doctor Who than just new news.

So - what did I learn while hanging around Albufeira?

Well, lots of things. For instance, soft Cornettos are rather nice, strawberries taste strawberrier on the continent and swordfish is a remarkable tasting fish.

More importantly though - I didn't see any single reference to Doctor Who anywhere.

Now I'm pretty certain I've read that Doctor Who has been dubbed into Portuguese, but it seems that it doesn't translate into the same sort of fanaticism over there that it does over here.

This wasn't just a television/book/magazine thing either. There wasn't even any poorly made replicas amongst the poorly made replica Transformers and Star Wars toys.

Quite literally, Portugal seems to be a No Who Zone.

In fact, I didn't even refer to David Tennant, Daleks or the TARDIS in conversation while on holiday, and nor did I dream about Freema Agyeman. 

(I've been having that dream for a while now, and I'm starting to miss it!)

I'm delighted to say, however, that thanks to Mr Brian Terranova, I did get the Issue #1s of both of IDW's Doctor Who series, Doctor Who and Doctor Who: The Forgotten - both waiting for me on my doormat when I landed yesterday.

Cheers, Terra!


Tom said...

Hi Christian,

Good job on Kasterborous, by the by! Not seen such a fresh and news-y looking Who site on the 'net.

Anyhow, I was looking for a way to contact you. I noticed on the site that you had a news story about the Radio Times Vote Dalek cover. Incidentally, forgive me if this seems like blatant plugging - I'll come right out and admit that I work for, but hear me out...

We've recently published a gallery showing the evolution of the Vote Dalek cover. As you may know, the cover was recently voted the Periodical Publishers Association's most iconic UK magazine cover of all time and features an iconic homage to the Dalek Invasion of Earth. The gallery features step-by-step commentary about the cover’s evolution, inspiration and development.

Here’s the link:

Hope this is of interest to you and your readers, and sorry if it's a bit inappropriate to post this against your blog.


Tom Cole

Christian-Mark Cawley said...

Hi Tom

The link and the complements are appreciated:)

This is my second reply to your comment, not sure why Blogger didnt keep the first. You can contact me directly at christian at kasterborous dotcom in future, and thanks again for the link!