Friday, December 28, 2007

Forum Back Online!

Following a brief Christmas hiatus, the Kasterborous Forum is now back online!

We've changed webhosts for the Forum following the frankly unacceptably poor level of support I received from the old hosts. Another bonus is that both Kasterborous and the Kasterborous Forum are now hosted in the UK.

Some of you may have a few teething issues opening the Forum - this will be down to your ISPs DNS, and should resolve over the next few days as soon as we get "" moved over to the new hosting.

Emailing support staff who don't seem to understand that the problem is at their end is not the best way to spend Christmas, and even an apologetic email admitting culpability wasn't enough to put that right.

However let's look to the future - the Forum should experience far fewer issues, better support and there's more space to host podkasts!

Ready when you are, Brian!

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