Friday, October 26, 2007

Editorial Change...

Due to a variety of reasons, regular readers will notice a change to the Kasterborous news pages - indeed the changes have already occurred.

While not something that will cause a major shift, it is worth reporting to our readers as something that will impact on Kasterborous' performance, and hopefully improve our positioning with the search engines still further.

Traditionally, news items have comprised of one (on occasions two) main items, to be followed by a pile of other less important news items. Of course, this isn't perfect...

Readers miss information, and to get it all they need to make an effort to read a whole page of text... not a perfect way to dig out the relevant details, is it?

We've also used this approach until now in order to even out the page layout, but thanks to the upcoming Kasterborous redesign, we don't need to worry about this fact too much.

So from now on (well, for a few days, in fact), news items are about what they headline reports (unless otherwise titled as "Roundup", etc).

I and the rest of the Kasterborous triumverate are sure this will improve your experience of our news page, and hope you have a nice weekend.

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