Thursday, May 31, 2007


Bonkers UK rag THE SUN is set to be glanced at for the last time, report insiders.

The comic, bastion of white van men across the UK and Spain, is set to be pensioned off as its editor can’t think up any more rubbish.

A close confidante of owner Rupert Murdoch told us
“They just can’t keep to the standard. Years of revealing soap and drama plots, living up to the plot of a James Bond movie, following Billie Piper, the Royals and Skeletor have started to take their toll.”

It seems editor Rebekah Madely and senior staff have hatched a plan to make the last issue – Friday June 1st – the greatest yet, with the following insane stories:

  • England Manager Steve McClaren to remain coach for next 10 years
  • Wayne Rooney to appear as a SONTARAN in series 8 of Doctor Who
  • War on Terror admitted to be a HOAX as US forces hire terrorists to fight for them on Iranian soil
  • Nadine from Knaresborough has 3 breasts, ALL OF THEM 36DD!


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