Monday, July 03, 2006

It’s the end…

…But the time has been prepared for. How well prepared, though?

For months on end, we’ve had speculation about Billie Piper’s future with Doctor Who, speculation that was only resolved when the BBC – rather early in the series, considering – revealed that she would indeed be leaving the show.

Yet nothing has been said about the Tenth Doctor David Tennant.

Other than the cursory "as long as they’ll have me", his future with the show is almost as up in the air as Christopher "I’ve done the long haul" Eccleston’s. And Billie Piper’s departure could be a massive smokescreen…

A rumour – and note that it is only a rumour - has recently reached Kasterborous regarding the imminent departure of David Tennant. Now you should take this with a pinch of salt, but it is one rumour which should be given plenty of thought – after all, how exactly can the Doctor deal with a Cyberman victory and a Dalek invasion? The odds are stacked against him even more than they were in Series 1 – and that is saying something.

While he might have Mickey, Rose and Torchwood behind him, both the Cybermen and the Daleks are impervious to bullets – so the vast store of alien weapons will no doubt come in useful – I’m scratching my head and have to wonder out loud whether there could be some truth to the rumour.

If so, then this could be a serious shame for Doctor Who. The audience needs to be able to develop a relationship with the Doctor in order for regeneration to work, and I don’t feel that annual renewal is achieving this.

At the end of the day, however, the Doctor will survive regardless. If Tennant really has left the role, then best of luck to him for the future.

However if it is – as seems likely one of those cock-and-bull stories, then good luck Doctor in saving the world next Saturday!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I thought Tennat had signed a 2 series contract with the BBC inorder for him not to do what Christopher Eccleston did and leave after just one series ??? I ain't heard any such rumours and I know the odd person on the production who would have heard about this !

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Press release

Christian-Mark Cawley said...

Absolutely right, Andrew, and thanks for the comments!

it was a bit of a chicken and egg situation in some ways, and the information couldn't be confirmed by two sources - hence the editorial/post here.

I felt it was worth informing the readers of, even if it turned out to be true, which is why we used it in the Kasterborous editorial and here on the Blog.

Imagine how Kasterborous would have looekd if we'd ran it as a bona fide news item!